About Us

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine 2 Machine (M2M) solutions focus on improving processes, and they will disrupt existing business models. 75% of the companies are already exploring the Internet of Things. The time is now to discover the competitive advantage that Long Range Wide Area wireless no-SIM-card technology can bring to your business. Your (mobile) end devices don’t need a SIM card, and a battery lifetime up to 10 years is possible.

allóra Factory is thé one stop shop to turn your long range wireless ideas into reality. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs. Our hardware, RF and software engineers will be happy to layout the PCB, design the antenna, and write the code for your specific needs or target market. That is what we call the allóra Design on Demand Service!

The crazy ones who started all this

Pieter De Mil

Pieter De Mil

Software and Business Development Manager

Holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Ghent University, Belgium. He worked for several years as senior researcher at the Intec Broadband Communications Networks (IBCN) group (now IDLab) at Ghent University and iMinds (now IMEC).  

Pieter talks in bits and bytes. His MIPS is extremely high, he doesn’t mis a bit. This makes him the perfect person to manage our software team in developing efficient and low power firmware.

Tom De Ryck

Tom De Ryck

Hardware and Production Manager

Holds a Masters degree in Electronic Hardware Design from the Antwerp University, Belgium. He worked for more than 10 years as a hardware design engineer for major semiconductor companies.

Tom eats chips for breakfast. He loves to touch electronics but if needed he turns himself in to an electron or microwave to understand how things are working and what could go wrong. This makes him the ideal person to manage our hardware team.